(Photo Credits: Outside influences project Fashion edition 2 by Harpyimages)

After two decades of overwhelming myself with self-pity-inducing materials (TV, ads, internet, magazines), I finally began to be sensible of the alarming view of society of ‘beauty’.

Everyday, in magazines, TV, internet, etc, we are flooded by images of supposedly “flawless” body. We are hypnotized to believe that XS size of shirt, and 24 waist line is “perfect.” These air-brushed, Belofied/Calayanafied, photoshopped beauties became our role models. We are told that the perfect image is a 36-24-36 body (boobs and butt should be big yet proportioned), impeccable rebonded hair, unblemished face painted by make-up and a body covered in tight, branded clothing.

This sad truth made me pity the new generation and myself. Why? Why do we have to abide by the society’s definition of beauty? Why should I? Everytime I looked down at my short legs and my somewhat bloated stomach, my dark blemished skin, my crooked teeth and my dry wavy hair, I began to despise myself. Why can’t I just be like those models in TV? Why can’t I just be beautiful?

Instead of buying books or studying well, young ones spend money on make-ups, weight-loss pills, glutathione, branded clothings, anything that will make them feel better and more beautiful. This is not a healthy obsession. Instead teaching the young about inner beauty, how kindness and intelligence is more important, we teach them how to be physically beautiful in front of others and when they can’t be like what society wanted them to be, they tend to suffer from anxiety and self-pity (Like I do.). Yeah, blame the advertisements, blame the technology…let’s blame ourselves, because we are part of this so called ‘society’.

We try to hide our skin imperfections by using filters and make-ups. We starve and overdose ourselves with slimming pills. We color and visit the salon for our hair. We use glutha and kojic soaps for our skin. We are thinking that these will change us. But no, we’re not. We’re still the same inside.

Yes, I become aware and sentient, at the same time, I remembered something. I have no obligation to meet the society’s standard of beauty. I don’t have to succumb to the pressure placed upon women to be beautiful because my worth, and the respect that I deserve, should not be depended upon my beauty as others perceive it.

This may sound cliche and overrated, but you who’s reading this, we are all beautiful. We all have the qualities that make us unique. Don’t succumb by the society’s expectations. We are not in a magazine’s cover.


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